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Starting O-Matrix
Syntax c:\omwin\omwin.exe
c:\omwin\omwin.exe StartupFile
c:\omwin\omwin.exe "StartupFileInstallDir

The commands listed above start the O-Matrix program. They can be executed from the windows Start button, from the Target field of the Shortcut tab of the Properties of a windows icon, or at the Microsoft DOS command line. The directory c:\omwin is the directory where O-Matrix is installed and may be different for your machine.

O-Matrix Interface
The O-Matrix interface contains the following main regions:
The Command Line
The O-Matrix Menu Bar
The O-Matrix Toolbar
The Command Window
The Debugger Window
Graphics Windows
Editor Windows

The three windows entitled Command, Debugger, and Graphic 0 can not be closed, but any of them can be minimized, maximized, moved, or resized by using the standard Windows techniques. (The Debugger and Graphic 0 windows are minimized in the picture above.) Although none appear when O-Matrix is first executed, you can open and close Editor windows.

If from the window Start button you select Run... and then enter
The O-Matrix interface will start up.

Command Line Arguments
is a specification for an O-Matrix source code file. If StartupFile includes a complete path, the current directory is set to the directory in StartupFile. Then the file specified by StartupFile is executed by O-Matrix.

specifies an alternative directory where O-Matrix is installed. This is useful if you have multiple versions of O-Matrix installed because it enables you to specify a different installation directory for each one. Note that if InstallDir is present, StartupFile must be enclosed in double quotes. You can specify an installation directory without a start up file, by making the start up file name empty; i.e., by using the syntax
     c:\omwin\omwin.exe " " 

If the file c:\omwin\programs\temp.oms contains
     print "Hello World"
and from the window Start button you select Run... and then enter
     c:\omwin\omwin.exe c:\omwin\programs\temp.oms
O-Matrix will start up and then print
     Hello World