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Statistics and Statistical Distributions

Basic Statistics
colrange Computing The Range of Data for Each Column
colmax Determining The Maximum Element In Each Column
rowmax Determining The Maximum Element In Each Row
colsum Computing The Sum Of Each Column
rowsum Computing The Sum Of Each Row
sum Sum of Elements of a Matrix
cumsum Running Cumulative Sum of Elements of a Matrix
prod Product of Elements of a Matrix
cumprod Running Cumulative Product of Elements of a Matrix

Descriptive Statistics
colmean Computing The Mean Of Each Column
colmedian Computing The Median of Each Column
median Computing The Median
colstd Computing the Standard Deviation of Each Column
colvar Computing the Variance of Each Column
colmode Computing The Mode of Each Column
colcor Correlation Coefficients Between Columns Of A Matrix
colcov Covariance Between Columns Of A Matrix
colmad Computing The Mean Absolute Deviation Of Each Column
colmead Computing The Median Absolute Deviation of Each Column
colmse Computing The Mean Squared Deviation Of Each Column
colnorm Computing The Norm Of Each Column
rownorm Computing The Euclidean Norm Of Each Row Of A Matrix
prctile Percentiles of Each Column
kurtosis Computing The Kurtosis of Each Column
skewness Computing The Skewness of Each Column
corr Column-wise Correlation Of Matrices Using FFT
conv Column-wise Convolution Of Matrices Using FFT
conv2 Two Dimensional Convolution Of Matrices Using FFT

Statistical Distributions
rand Generating Uniformly Distributed Pseudo Random Numbers
seed Seeding Pseudo Random Number Generation
ranseed Using Time To Seed Random Number Generation
snormal Generating Normally Distributed Pseudo Random Numbers
unirnd Generating Random Numbers with Uniform Distribution
normrnd Generating Random Numbers with Normal Distribution
exprnd Generating Random Numbers with Exponential Distribution
cauchyrnd Generating Random Numbers with Cauchy Distribution
gumbelrnd Generating Random Numbers with Gumbel Distribution
laplacernd Generating Random Numbers with Laplace Distribution
lognrnd Generating Random Numbers with Log Normal Distribution
wblrnd Generating Random Numbers with Weibull Distribution
gamrnd Generating Random Numbers with Gamma Distribution
binornd Generating Random Numbers with Binomial Distribution
poissrnd Generating Random Numbers with Poisson Distribution
ftail Compute Tail Probabilities For An F-Statistic
ttail Tail Probability Of A T-Statistic
ittail Inverse Of The Cumulative Distribution For T-Statistic
unifm0v1 Simulating a Mean Zero Variance One Uniform Random Variable
randperm Generating a Random Permutation

Probability Density Functions
normpdf Normal Probability Density Function
exppdf Exponential Probability Density Function
unifpdf Uniform Probability Density Function
wblpdf Weibull Probability Density Function
tpdf The Probability Density For A T-statistic

Cumulative Distribution Functions
cnormal The Cumulative Normal Distribution Function
expcdf Exponential Cumulative Distribution Function
unifcdf Uniform Cumulative Distribution Function
wblcdf Weibull Cumulative Density Function
inormal Inverse Of The Cumulative Normal Distribution Function