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Line Color Sequence for XY Plots
Syntax tpcolors()
See Also tpplot , tpsymbols , tpopen , tpmacrostring

If the character matrix colors is present, tpcolors sets the current color sequence to the specified colors. If colors is not present, tpcolors returns the current color sequence. Unless specified by tpcolors, O-Matrix uses the following sequence of colors for plotting in Tecplot: "BLACK", "RED", "GREEN", "BLUE", "CYAN","YELLOW", and "PURPLE". That is, the first line plotted with tpplot will be black, the second will be red, and so on. The sequence starts over after a purple plot. The color "WHITE" can be added to the color sequence, but it is not part of the default sequence. It is primarily useful for erasing lines from a plot.

If you enter
   print tpcolors
O-Matrix will print the default color sequence. If you enter
O-Matrix will change the color sequence to the specified colors and print the following result
If you continue the example by entering
   y = 1:1:5
   for i = 1 to 2*rowdim(tpcolors) begin
O-Matrix will generate the following graph in Tecplot