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Creating Tecplot Data Sets
Syntax tpdataset(variables)
See Also tpaddzone , tpdims , tpopen

Creates a new data set. The argument variables is a character matrix where each row contains the name of a variable to use for the new dataset. The number of variables created equals the rowdim of variables. If the arguments I, J, and K are present then tpdataset also creates a new zone with the specified dimensions.

If the argument I, J, and K are not present, tpdataset does not create any zones and you must call the tpaddzone function before interacting with Tecplot or transferring data from the O-Matrix client.

If the current frame contains a data set when you call tpdataset, it is deleted.

If you enter,
Tecplot will create a new data set that contains the 3 variables Depth, Pressure, and Salinity. Note that at this point the data set does not contain any zones. You must create at least 1 zone in the data set before interacting with Tecplot. If you continue the example above by entering,
  tpaddzone(20, 1, 1, "Sample1")
  tpaddzone(20, 1, 1, "Sample2")
O-Matrix will add 2 zones, Sample1, and Sample2, both with I = 20, J = 1, and K = 1.

You can also create a zone at the time that a data set is created, If you continue the example above by entering
   tpframe("Oceans Two")
   vars = {"Depth", "Conductivity", "Oxygen", "Temperature"}
   tpdataset(vars, 100, 1, 1)
Tecplot will create a new frame named Oceans Two with a new data set that contains one zone with the variables Depth, Conductivity, Oxygen, and Temperature.