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The Probability Density For A T-statistic
Syntax tpdf(tfree)
See Also ttail , ittail

Computes the element-by-element probability density function for a T-statistic at the values specified by t, where t is a real or double-precision matrix. The matrix free has the same type as t and specifies the number of degrees of freedom for the corresponding T-statistic. All of the elements of free must be greater than 0. The return value is equal to

                   -(free + 1) / 2
     [     2      ]
     [1 + t / free]
      beta(1/2, free/2) \/ free

where beta is the beta function.

If you enter
     t    = -2. : .1 : +2.
     free = 10.
     gplot(t, tpdf(t, free))
O-Matrix will respond with the plot