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Popping, Creating and Obtaining Frame Names
Syntax tpframe()
See Also tpopen , tpput , tpplottype , tpmacrostring

Pops or creates a specified Tecplot frame. The tpframe function returns a character row vector specifying the name of the frame that is active in Tecplot. If specified, the character row vector frame specifies the name of a frame to pop. If a frame with the title frame does not exist, it is created.

If you enter,
   tpFrame = tpframe
   print tpFrame
O-Matrix will echo
Frame 001
which is the default name of the first frame created by Tecplot. If you continue by entering
   for i = 1 to 5 begin
      f = tpframe(["O-Matrix Frame #", ntoa(i)])
      tpFrame = {tpFrame, f}
O-Matrix will create 5 new frames, saving the names in the character matrix tpFrame and echo the result
O-Matrix Frame #1
O-Matrix Frame #2
O-Matrix Frame #3
O-Matrix Frame #4
O-Matrix Frame #5
If you continue the example by entering,
Tecplot will pop the second frame created by O-Matrix,