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Running a Tecplot Macro File
Syntax tpmacrofile(file)
See Also tpmacrostring , tpsurface , tpplot , tpcontour

Executes the Tecplot macro contained in the file file, where file is a character row vector.

If you create a file CreateData.mcr in your cwd that contains
#!MC 1100
  IMAX = 10
  JMAX = 10
  KMAX = 10
  X1 = 0
  Y1 = 0
  Z1 = 0
  X2 = 1
  Y2 = 1
  Z2 = 1
  XVAR = 1
  YVAR = 2
  ZVAR = 3
and then enter
Tecplot will run the macro defined in CreateData.mcr and create a new data set with a new zone. The current working directories for O-Matrix and Tecplot are not necessarily the same. If the argument file does not include a complete path the current working directory is added to the file name before executing in Tecplot. If a complete path is given, that is passed directly to Tecplot.

The tpmacrofile function can be used to run Tecplot provided, or user defined macros that provide additional customization to a sequence of O-Matrix analysis. If you enter,
   include example\demo\rosen.oms
   X = fillcols(x, rowdim(x))
   Y = fillrows(y, coldim(y))
   tpsurface(R, X, Y)
   tpmacrofile([OM_INSTALL, "\example\tecplot\Rotate360.mcr"])
O-Matrix will run the Rosenbrock example from the O-Matrix distribution, create a surface plot of the function in Tecplot and then run the Rotate360.mcr macro that is provided with the distribution. The last image of the rotation sequence will appear as,