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Opening Tecplot Data, Layout and Style Files
Syntax tpopen()
See Also tpget , tpput , tpplot , tpaddzone

If called without any arguments, the tpopen command creates a new layout in Tecplot. That is it has the same effect as selecting "File | New Layout" from the Tecplot menu. If present, the argument file must be a character row vector that specifies the name of a valid, existing layout, data or style file. The file suffix must be .LAY, .LPK, .PLT, or .STY.

If, at the O-Matrix prompt you enter,
   fName = [OM_INSTALL,"\example\tecplot\rainfall.plt"] 
Tecplot will open the rainfall data file from the O-Matrix example directory. You can obtain the displayed data from Tecplot by entering,
   rain = tpget("Seattle Rainfall")
   month = tpget("Month")
If you continue, by modifying the data and transferring the result back to Tecplot by entering,
   rain = rain - 1.0
   tpput(rain,"Seattle Rainfall")
You will get the following updated result in Tecplot

Using Tecplot to visualize data from O-Matrix solutions often involves interactively manipulating and customizing plots that have been generated with O-Matrix plotting functions or generated from data transferred from O-Matrix. You can save these interactive customizations as Tecplot style files and the re-apply them later from O-Matrix analysis scripts. If you enter,
   x = 0. : 0.1 : 2 * pi
   y = [sin(x), cos(x)]
Tecplot will generate a simple line plot. You might make some interactive customizations of the plot which are saved in sinestyle.sty. If you continue the example by entering
Tecplot will apply the saved style file and update the plot. After entering Ctrl-F in Tecplot, the plot will now look like,