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Transferring Data from O-Matrix to a Tecplot Volume
Syntax tpput3D(expressionvariablezoneplaneplaneNumber)
See Also tpget3D , tpput , tpvarname , tpzonename

Transfers data from a O-Matrix to an existing Tecplot data set. The current frame must contain a data set with data of type Double or Float. The argument expression must be a real or double precision value. The argument variable must be an integer scalar that specifies the variable number set. The argument zone must be an integer scalar that specifies the zone number to set. The argument plane must equal "I", "J", or "K" and specifies the desired plane to set. The argument planeNumber is the desired plane number for the specified plane.


Transferring Data to Tecplot
If you enter,
   tpput3D( fill(250d0,40,9), tpvarnum("/dset"), 1, "I", 30)
O-Matrix will open the astrojet.lpk sample file from the distribution and change all values in I plane 30, for variable /dset to 250. The updated plot will appear as.

The tpput3D function can also be used to create new volume data in Tecplot. The following example creates a new data set with variables X, Y, and R with IMax = 5, JMax = 6, and KMax = 10.
   tpdataset({"X","Y","R"}, 5, 6, 10)
   X = fillrows(seq(6)', 5)
   Y = fillcols(seq(5), 6)
   for k = 1 to 10 begin
      tpput3D(X, 1, 1, "K", k)
      tpput3D(Y, 2, 1, "K", k)
      R = rand(5,6)
      tpput3D(R+k, 3, 1, "K", k)
At this point you can interactively select a plot type and desired attributes, or if you continue the example by entering,
   tpmacrostring("$!FIELDLAYERS SHOWCONTOUR = YES")
   tpmacrostring("$!FIELDLAYERS SHOWMESH = NO")
You will get the following result

See the tpget3D function for additional examples of transferring data to and from 3D ordered data sets.