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Setting Symbol Style for XY Plots
Syntax tpsymbols(mapon)
See Also tpplot , tpcolors

Sets the symbols state, shape and size for XY plot maps. The argument map must be an integer scalar that specifies a map number that exists in the current frame. The argument on must be a logical scalar that specifies if the Tecplot symbol layer is to be turned on or off. If present, the argument shape must be a character row vector that equals "DEL", "GRAD", "RTRI", "LTRI", "DIAMOND", "CIRCLE", or "SQUARE". The argument size must be a real-valued scalar between 0.0 and 8.0 inclusively. If the arguments shape and size are present the symbols layer is turned on.

If you enter,
   y = 1:2:20
   map2 = tpplot(y+5)
   tpsymbols(map2, "CIRCLE", 4.0)
Tecplot will create the following graph with 3 curves, where the second curve includes circle symbols of size 4.
If you continue the example by entering,
   tpsymbols(map2, false)
Tecplot will turn off symbols for the second curve.