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Setting X, Y and Z Axes Minimum, Maximum, and Type
Syntax tpxaxis(minmax)
See Also tpplot , tpsymbols , tpcolors , tpplottype , tpmacrostring

Sets the minimum and maximum values of the X and Y axes, where min and max are integer, real, or double-precision scalars. If present, the argument type must be "log", "linear", "offlog", or "offlin" and sets the axis to logarithmic or linear, and determines if the axis is displayed.


Using with XY Plots
If, at the O-Matrix prompt you enter
   x = 1:0.1:4*pi
   y = atan(x)
Tecplot will create the following plot
If you continue the example by entering,
  tpyaxis(0, 2)
  tpxaxis("offlin", 0, 150)
Tecplot will create the following plot
If you continue by entering
   tpyaxis("log", .1, 10)
   tpxaxis("linear", 0, 150)
Tecplot will scale the Y axis logarithmically from 0.1 to 10, and turn the X axis back on with the same scaling.

Using with Contour Plots
If you enter,
Tecplot will create the following contour plot.
If you continue by entering,
   tpxaxis("offlin", 4, 8)
   tpyaxis("offlin", 5, 9)
Tecplot will scale the X axis from 4 to 8, the Y axis from 5 to 9, and turn off the display of both axes.