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Tail Probability Of A T-Statistic
Syntax ttail(tdf)
See Also tpdf , ftail , cnormal

Returns the element-by-element tail probability for a T-statistic, where t is a real or double-precision matrix specifying values for the T-statistic and df is an integer matrix specifying the number of degrees of freedom. All of the elements of t must be positive.

The return value is
     | tpdf(xdfdx
where tpdf is the probability density function for the T-distribution. The return value has the same type and dimension as t.

     N   = 100
     t   = 6. * seq(N) / real(N)
     df  = 5
     gtitle("|t|-statistic Tail Probabilities")
     gplot(t, ttail(t, df))