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The O-Matrix Virtual Machine Application Launcher

The O-Matrix Virtual Machine Application Launcher, (vmlaunch) is a stand-alone GUI utility for browsing, and running O-Matrix applications with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine . (This utility is only available with the Development Kit and is located in the directory devkit\VMAppLauncher)

On startup, the vmlaunch utility lists all O-Matrix scripts, (*.OMS) in the omrte\programs directory. Clicking on a script in the browser box causes the first several lines of the script to be displayed in a read-only text box. Selecting the launch button causes the O-Matrix VM to be started with the currently selected script and exits the vmlaunch utility.

This utility provides a simple method for end-users to select from and run O-Matrix VM-based solutions. Complete source code for vmlaunch is provided with Development Kit licenses and may be freely modified a re-distributed with applications.