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Using Matlab code with O-Matrix

The O-Matrix language uses a syntax that is similar to, but not compatible with the syntax of the Matlab® language. The O-Matrix language was designed to support more sophisticated programming constructs and object oriented design techniques and as such has some differences from the Matlab syntax. Users that are familiar with the Matlab syntax, however, will find learning the O-Matrix language a simple transition.

The O-Matrix environment does, however, support execution of both O-Matrix scripts and functions, and Matlab scripts and functions. This dual syntax support enables O-Matrix users to leverage existing Matlab functions and scripts. Support of both languages makes it much easier to migrate new solutions to O-Matrix while continuing to take advantage of available m-files.

        "Like an enhanced Matlab"
        - IEEE Spectrum

O-Matrix-syntax functions and scripts can call Matlab-syntax functions. The example at the right demonstrates using a Matlab function from an O-Matrix main program. Click image to view details Using a Matlab Function in OMatrix

The O-Matrix environment can also run scripts that are written completely in the Matlab syntax. The example at the right is an illustration of a benchmark script written with the Matlab syntax and run in both Matlab and O-Matrix. Click image to view details Running Matlab script in OMatrix

See the Matlab Overview for a detailed comparison of O-Matrix and Matlab.

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