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The O-Matrix Virtual Machine, (O-Matrix VM)

The O-Matrix VM is a free runtime environment for O-Matrix applications. The O-Matrix VM is provided with the O-Matrix Development Kit. Development Kit license holders may freely distribute the O-Matrix VM with applications ranging from simple scripts to turnkey systems. Re-distribution of the VM does not require any additional licensing requirements, fees, or royalties.

Applications run with the O-Matrix VM run and perform the same as when run in the stand-alone version of O-Matrix. Applications can be run in the original source code form, or as a binary/pcode file which can be created with the Development Kit.

Creating applications for distribution with the O-Matrix Virtual Machine provides many benefits for engineers, scientists, and technical computing professionals:

  • Simple and Rapid Development Model: Applications can be created completely with the O-Matrix language and tools which enables the rapid development of technical computing solutions. Distribution of O-Matrix applications with the O-Matrix VM requires no additional tools, libraries, or development software. Alternatively, applications can be built with external development tools and use O-Matrix as a COM Server.
  • Easy and Efficient Setup: The O-Matrix VM consists of a single setup executable that requires about 90MB.
  • High Performance: The O-Matrix VM provides the same execution efficiency as O-Matrix. The overall performance of complete applications typically rivals or exceeds that of compiled language solutions such as Visual Basic or C++.
  • Minimal System Requirements: The O-Matrix VM uses memory efficiently. The VM itself runs with about 2MB RAM and running applications efficiently allocate memory from, and return memory to the system.
  • No Hassle/Affordable Distribution Model: The distribution license provided with the Development Kit provides a simple, scalable, and unrestrictive approach for distributing applications. Pricing for O-Matrix and The O-Matrix Development Kit is lower than most development tools, and significantly less than most math software re-distribution licenses.

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