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Some Free Utilities, Toolboxes and Add-Ons from Harmonic Software

The following utilities include contributions from O-Matrix customers, third party developers, and Harmonic Software Inc. These tools are provided free of charge, but as is without warranty. The directory containing these files is password protected. When prompted by your browser, enter the user id "omatrixtrial" and the pass word "omlight".

download MFile Compatibility Library Matlab Compatibility Library The Matlab Compatibility Library provides additional scripts and M-Files to increase O-Matrix' compatibility with Matlab. Download and install this setup after O-Matrix if you are porting scripts from Matlab.
Intel Array Viewer The Intel Array Viewer provides a GUI-based environment for previewing, plotting, and performing visual data analysis of HDF, XML, array data, and other scientific datasets. The O-Matrix Data Visualizer integrates the Array Viewer with O-Matrix to enable the high-performance creation of 2-D and 3-D graphs from within the O-Matrix language. The Array Viewer itself is free from Intel but requires the Data Visualizer for integration with O-Matrix.
Download Intel Array Viewer Here
download mathlink OMHelp A documentation system for generating HTML or XHTML+MathML pages from source code documentation and other text-based files. Similar to, but more powerful than JavaDoc for creating documentation for technical computing solutions. The online O-Matrix Manual is built with this system.
download mathlink Mathlink An interprocess communication server for integrating O-Matrix with Mathematica
download ReadWAV ReadWAV A function for reading Windows audio, (.WAV files), into O-Matrix
download gboxplot gboxplot A function for creating Box Plots
download gcumprob gcumprob A function to create Cumulative Probability Plots
download gbubble gbubble A function to create indexed size, (Bubble), plots
download geninv geninv Fast computation of Moore-Penrose Inverse Matrices
download lowess lowess Locally weighted nonparametric regression - LOESS
download lowess O-Matrix VM O-Matrix VM, The O-Matrix Virtual Machine.
download lowess KBF Kalman Filter Design Studio

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