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O-Matrix Data Analysis and Modeling

O-Matrix provides an extensive numerical library for implementing solutions in numerical linear algebra, data analysis, modeling and numerical analysis. Functions are highly optimized and designed to be easy-to-use for prototyping applications and extensible for specialized requirements. Most functions include complete source code to allow you to review the implementation and modify it to your own requirements if necessary.

    "The library of functions and numerical procedures is quite impressive."
    - Frederick Cathey, Phd. - Boeing Corporation

The O-Matrix matrix language offers a powerful platform for data analysis, modeling, simulation and numerical linear algebra. The concise and descriptive syntax of the language enables you to create compact pieces of code that reflect the underlying mathematics of your system and the fast executing interpreter enables you to extend these to large, turnkey systems without re-writing part or all of you application in a lower level language.

    "O-Matrix is far easier to use and much faster than the competition.
    Using O-Matrix will reduce the amount of time you spend on prototyping
    new algorithms and will eliminate complex program book-keeping"
    - Dr. Dimitrios D. Thomakos, Dept. of Economics, Florida International University.

The following table provides references to selected chapters of the online O-Matrix User's Guide for details on some of the available analysis functions. (An extensive set of in-depth examples illustrating many of the available analysis functions is available in the omwin/example directory of the free trial version.)

Numerical Linear Algebra
Statistics and Statistical Distributions
Curve Fitting, Optimization and Derivatives
Fourier Analysis and Filtering
Integration and Differential Equations
Algebraic Functions
Special Functions
Transcendental Functions
Searching and Sorting
Special Matrices
Elementary Functions

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