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Data Access and Manipulation with O-Matrix

O-Matrix provides extensive capabilities for working with data from files, applications, devices, and databases. Directly load data from formats such as Excel, text files, HDF, WAV files, and PLT files. Low-level utilities are provided to enable importing and creation of arbitrary ASCII or binary data. Using the O-Matrix OLE/COM Automation functions you can leverage the data import and export capabilities of other applications. O-Matrix can link with compiled objects from languages such as C/C++ and FORTRAN to enable the use of custom data input and output routines from within the O-Matrix language.

The O-Matrix data access and manipulation routines are highly optimized and can efficiently work with data sets that contain hundreds of thousands of data points and using many megabytes. The import of a multi-megabyte file in O-Matrix takes a fraction of the time needed by Excel, and is typically much quicker than the same algorithm implemented in a compiled language.

O-Matrix excels at manipulating and formatting data. Numeric and textual data can be re-formatted as it is loaded or manipulated after loading. Flexible routines are provided to enable sophisticated formatting and manipulation of various data formats.

Reading and Writing Data Files
Reading Excel Data
Loading data from ODBC sources
Text Manipulation and Conversion
System Functions

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