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Building and Distributing Applications with O-Matrix

O-Matrix excels as a platform for developing specialized, domain-specific, and turnkey solutions for engineering, science, and technical computing problems. The O-Matrix language enables you to rapidly implement solutions to more quickly meet customer needs and provides a maintainable code base that that can more easily be modified to address changing user requirements. The O-Matrix execution environment provides performance that often exceeds compiled language speed for turnkey systems and obviates the need for writing in languages such as C/C++ and FORTRAN.

     "O-Matrix is a powerful programming tool yet it is reasonably
     priced and so easy to use. If you know the Basic programming language learning
     O-Matrix is a breeze. I was writing O-Matrix programs the
     same day I installed it."
     - Edward Lee, Bell Helicopter Corporation

Creating Graphical User Interfaces
O-Matrix includes functions for creating custom graphical user interfaces. Design dialogs with buttons, popups, checkboxes, tables, bitmap displays, grid tables, and other common Windows controls. Interfaces can be developed in O-Matrix in a fraction of the time of compiled languages, and provide much better performance than typical interpreted solutions.
OMatrix GUI Samples
(Click thumbnail to view various O-Matrix GUI samples)

Extending O-Matrix with Compiled Code Functions
O-Matrix functionality can be extended with Windows DLL functions. Functions provided in DLLs behave like other O-Matrix functions and appear to the end user as part of the O-Matrix environment. O-Matrix DLLs can be created in any language and compiler that can create Windows compliant DLLs. No additional, or special libraries or translation tools are necessary.

Using O-Matrix as a COM/Automation Client
O-Matrix can be used as an OLE/COM Automation scripting language. The automation client functions can pass data to and from Automation servers, call server methods, get and set server properties, and start and stop any Automation server that is registered on your system. Any application that exposes its functionality as a COM server can be leveraged with O-Matrix automation.

Accessing O-Matrix as a COM Server
O-Matrix can also be accessed as a COM server. Any application that provides automation scripting, (e.g. Visual Basic, VBA, or C++), can use the O-Matrix COM server. The COM server provides an ideal framework for using O-Matrix as a computational engine, or back-end for other applications.

Distributing Applications and Turnkey Solutions
Harmonic Software provides numerous tools and licensing options to easily and affordably distribute solutions built with the O-Matrix platform. Developers can use The O-Matrix Development Kit to create stand-alone solutions that can be distributed royalty-free and provide a custom application look and feel. O-Matrix applications utilizing numerous script files and functions can be compiled into a single binary file to simplify distribution, provide enhanced performance for end users, and protect proprietary source code.

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