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Implementing Algorithms and Solutions in O-Matrix

O-Matrix provides a simple-to-use, high-performance interpreted matrix language language. Commands can be entered directly at the command line and executed as you enter them, providing immediate results or commands and user-defined functions can be entered in text-based files.

The O-Matrix Language
The syntax of the O-Matrix language is a hybrid of BASIC, and other matrix languages providing a very easy-to-learn and compact syntax where the notation of algorithms reflects the mathematics they represent. A few lines of O-Matrix code can often duplicate the functionality of many pages of FORTRAN or other compiled-language code. Common vector and matrix operations are part of the language syntax and numerical functions operate with scalars, vectors, and matrices of integer, real, and complex-valued types.

The O-Matrix syntax makes it simple to create short, single-file solutions and possible to create large applications that span numerous files. O-Matrix provides object oriented capabilities and language features typically only found in languages such as C++, Java, and Python. End user solutions in O-Matrix range from a few commands entered at the command prompt to tens of thousands of lines of code spanning dozens files. (Numerous examples of typical O-Matrix solutions are available in the omwin/example directory of the distribution.)

In addition to the O-Matrix syntax, the O-Matrix language can run scripts and functions written in the Matlab language.

The O-Matrix Environment
The O-Matrix integrated development environment provides tools to support the complete development, test, and analysis cycle. The integrated editors enables you to create and run solutions within O-Matrix. The integrated editor and execution profiler enables you to analyze and validate algorithms.

     "O-Matrix is a must-have addition to your library
     of mathematical/statistical programming languages. It is far easier
     to use and much faster than most of the competition.
     Using O-Matrix will reduce the amount of time you spend on
     prototyping new algorithms and will eliminate complex program book-keeping.
     I immensely enjoy using O-Matrix. It has now become my
     programming language of choice for research and classroom instruction.
     I recommend it without reservation."
     - Dr. Dimitrios D. Thomakos, Dept. of Economics, Florida International University.

The following table provides entry points to the O-Matrix
online manual for major language concepts.
O-Matrix Tutorial
Program Control
Working with Matrices
Debugging Applications
Profiling Applications

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