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O-Matrix Plotting and Data Visualization

O-Matrix provides a broad range of functions and tools for plotting and visualizing technical data. O-Matrix makes it easy to formulate, test, and explore alternative ideas. Typical plots can be created by entering a single statement at the O-Matrix command prompt or sophisticated, highly-customized plots can be generated by creating script files. Plotting scripts enable the easy regeneration of plots for multiple data sets, iterations of a model, or repeated experiments.

Plot attributes and characteristics such as line thickness, tick mark spacing and style, layout, font properties, and labels can be customized to create specialized plots. Plots can be exported as either bitmap or vector-based images for import into other applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and tools used for journal publication.

    "Excellent graphics and nice Windows interface"
    - IEEE Spectrum

2-D Plotting
O-Matrix supports all 2-d plot types that are typically required for scientific and engineering analysis; all of which can be controlled to create highly-specialized plots.

  • Line and Scatter plots with single or multiple curves
  • Histograms
  • Vector Plots
  • Bar, Stair, and Bubble charts
  • Smith charts and Polar Plots
  • Filter Response Plots
  • Animations
Multiple Line Plots Per Page
(Click thumbnail to view details of creating some simple line plots)
Graph imported to PowerPoint
(O-Matrix graph in Power Point)

3-D Plotting and Visualizing Multi-dimensional Data
O-Matrix provides numerous functions for plotting single and multiple variables in 3-D.

  • Contour plots
  • Stacked contours, with or without hidden line removal
  • Mesh and Surface plots
  • 3-D Line and symbol plots
OMatrix Surface over Contour Plot
(Click thumbnail to view details of creating surface over contour plot)

Using SigmaPlot to Graph O-Matrix Data and Results

The O-Matrix COM server, and Automation client functions make it easy to integrate O-Matrix with other applications. The SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox uses the O-Matrix Automation client functions to add commands to the O-Matrix language for creating graphs in SigmaPlot. Users that have the SigmaPlot package installed can render graphs in O-Matrix and SigmaPlot.
SigmaPlot Graph of OMatrix Data
(SigmaPlot Ternary Graph of O-Matrix Data)

Using the Data Visualizer to Interactively Create and Manipulate Plots

The Data Visualizer is an O-Matrix add-on that supplements the language based graphing and visualization functions in O-Matrix. The Data Visualizer enables you to render simple plots of O-Matrix data and then interactively customize and configure your plots to create highly specialized graphs. The Data Visualizer can work with extremely large data sets, uses OpenGL for high-performance rendering and allows you to interactively rotate, scale, and pan plots.
3D Interactive Graph
(3-D Data Visualizer Graph)

Online manual chapters for some of the O-Matrix language-based plotting functionality
Basic Graphics
Plotting Functions of Two Variables
Special Plots
Axis Labeling and Manipulation

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