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O-Matrix Application Samples

The O-Matrix distribution comes with over 700 pages of documentation that provides hundreds of concise examples to illustrate how to use the O-Matrix environment and individual analysis and visualization functions. In addition to the concise examples in the documentation the omwin\example directory of the distribution includes hundreds of more involved examples to illustrate various capabilities. The following table is a sampling of some of the application examples from the distribution. The O-Matrix Light distribution provides an Example Navigator for running, viewing, and editing the following examples. See the O-Matrix Showcase for descriptions of real world applications by some of our customers.

Example Details Example Description
AR1SIM.OMS Simulate an AR(1) process and estimate its spectrum
AR2SIM.OMS Generates realizations of an AR(2) process
AVAVISLOAD.OMS Use O-Matrix OLE/COM Automation to load a file in Array Viewer
BESSEL.OMS Plots the Jn and Yn Bessel functions for n = 0, 1, and 2.
CHOLESKY.OMS Computes the Cholesky factorization of a matrix
COLDSTD.OMS Computes the standard deviation of each column of a matrix
COMMUTER.OMS Illustrates the use of the available GUI controls in O-Matrix
CONJDIRX.OMS Minimize Rosenbrock's Function
CUBESPLX.OMS Fits and evaluates a cubic spline
DPSSX.OMS Computes and plots the first three discrete prolate sequences
ERFX.OMS Prints a table of error function values
EXPMATX.OMS Uses matrix exponential to compute sine and cosine functions
FC2DIGX.OMS Converts a normalized Butterworth filter to a digital filter
FFT.OMS Uses the FFT function to approximate the Fourier transform
FFT2DX.OMS Computes a two dimensional Fourier transform
FN2CBPX.OMS Converts a normalized filter to a continuous bandpass filter
FN2CLPX.OMS Converts a normalized filter to a continuous lowpass filter
FORDIFFX.OMS Compares the forward difference with the analytic derivative for a quadratic
FTAILX.OMS Determines the probability that the F statistic is a given value or greater
INORMALX.OMS Demonstrates that inormal is the inverse of cnormal
INTERP2X.OMS Plots the bilinear interpolant of z = x^2 + y^2
KALMANX.OMS Uses the extended Kalman-Bucy filter to track an object in the plane
LEVINSON.OMS Solves a Toeplitz system of equations
LINES3D.OMS Display a three-dimensional line plot
LINLSQX.OMS Solves the minimum norm of a singular linear least squares problem
NFILTER.OMS Compares normalized Tchebycheff and Butterworth filters
NLSQBOX.OMS Solves nonlinear least squares with box constraint
NORMAL.OMS Compares sample and true cumulatives for a normal random variable
PADE.OMS Compares different order Pade approximations for exp(x)
READMAT.OMS Read a Matlab(c) binary data file
READTXT.OMS Read an ASCII data file
READXLS.OMS Read an Excel XLS data file
ROSEN.OMS Plots a surface of Rosenbrock's function
SINC.OMS Inverse discrete Fourier transform of a sinc function
SLICES.OMS Plots slices of the function f(x, y, z) = x^2 + y^2 - z
SNEWTON.OMS Finds multiple roots of a function
SNORMAL.OMS Simulates a normal random variable
SVD.OMS Computes the singular value decomposition (SVD) of a matrix
SYMEIG.OMS Computes the eigenvectors of a conjugate symmetric matrix
TTAILX.OMS Computes the tail probability for the T statistic
WAVELETX.OMS Filters a sine wave by dropping the high order wavelet details
XLRUNMACRO.OMS Use O-Matrix OLE/COM Automation to run a VBA macro in Excel
XLSURFACE.OMS Use O-Matrix OLE/COM Automation to create a surface plot in Excel
XYZLINES.OMS Display an XY plot of snow depth vs. time with temperature as color-coded Z component

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