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Table of Contents

SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix
SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox for O-Matrix
    Table of Contents
     Function Reference
    Function Reference
        Drawing Line and Scatter Plots
        Vertical Bar Charts
        Horizontal Bar Charts
        Creating Error Bar Plots
        Creating Box Plots
        Creating Histograms
        Contour Plots
        Surface Plots
        Creating Pie Charts
        Drawing Ternary Plots
        Creating Polar Plots
        Defining and Setting Graph Pages
        Setting the Current Section for Plot Generation
        Setting the Current Item
        Changing Plot Names
        Changing Axes Names
        Changing Worksheet Column Names
        Setting Axes Scale Type
        Setting Axes Min/Max Values
        Opening and Creating SigmaPlot Notebooks
        Closing SigmaPlot
        Transferring Data to SigmaPlot
        Transferring Data from SigmaPlot to O-Matrix
        Printing SigmaPlot Documents
        Exporting Graphs
        Running a SigmaPlot Macro

    Alphabetic Listing of Cross Reference Tags
    Keyword Index
    Search SigmaPlot Interface Toolkit Manual