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Function Reference

This chapter provides syntax, descriptions, and usage examples for all of the SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox functions.

SigmaPlot Interface Toolbox Function Reference

Plotting Functions
The functions in this table transfer data to and create plots in SigmaPlot. These routines enable you to quickly generate SigmaPlot graphs of O-Matrix data.
splot Drawing Line and Scatter Plots
sbar Vertical Bar Charts
sbarh Horizontal Bar Charts
serrorbars Creating Error Bar Plots
sbox Creating Box Plots
shist Creating Histograms
scontour Contour Plots
ssurface Surface Plots
spie Creating Pie Charts
spolar Creating Polar Plots
sternary Drawing Ternary Plots

Data Transfer and Manipulation Functions
spput Transferring Data to SigmaPlot
spget Transferring Data from SigmaPlot to O-Matrix
spmacro Running a SigmaPlot Macro

Graph Manipulation and Utility Functions
spopen Opening and Creating SigmaPlot Notebooks
sptitle Changing Plot Names
spxtitle Changing Axes Names
spcolumns Changing Worksheet Column Names
spgraphpage Defining and Setting Graph Pages
spsection Setting the Current Section for Plot Generation
spitem Setting the Current Item
spxtype Setting Axes Scale Type
spxscale Setting Axes Min/Max Values
spprint Printing SigmaPlot Documents
spexport Exporting Graphs
spquit Closing SigmaPlot