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Mathematical Functions

This section presents additional mathematical related functions that are helpful in signal processing applications. Links to other useful and related functions that are already included in O-Matrix are also given.


colavg Column-wise Average Value of A Matrix
colmsq Column-wise Mean-Square value of matrix
colrms Column-wise Root-Mean-Square (RMS) of a Matrix
db10 Conversion to dB (decibels) in 10*log10 Form
db20 Conversion to dB (decibels) in 20*log10 Form
even Determining if an Input is Even-valued
logn Logarithm to an Arbitrary Base
powerof2 Determine if a Number is a Power-of-2
sinc The sinc(x) Function

Useful Data/Signal Statistical Functions in O-Matrix
OtherMathStat Other Useful Math/Statistical Functions in O-Matrix