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Signal Generator Functions

This section presents functions for creating various kinds of sampled signals that are commonly useful in signal processing applications. Links to other signal generating functions that are already contained in O-Matrix are also given.


Binary Bit Generators
binbits Random Binary Bits Function
nrzbits Randon Non-Return-Zero Binary Data

Gaussian Noise Generators
awgn Additive White Gaussian Noise
cawgn Complex Additive White Gaussian Noise

Simple Waveform Generators
sinwave Create a SINEWAVE Waveform
triwave Create a TRIANGULAR Waveform
sawwave Create a SAWTOOTH Waveform
sqrwave Create a SQUAREWAVE Waveform

Modulated Carrier Generators
ammod Amplitude Modulation Function
pmmod Phase Modulation Function
fmmod Frequency Modulation Function
quadmod Quadrature Modulation Function

Random Number Generators in O-Matrix
RandNumGens Random Number Generators in O-Matrix

Other Signal Creation Functions in O-Matrix
OtherSigGen Other Useful Signal Constructors in O-Matrix