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O-Matrix User Stories

Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling with O-Matrix
Dr. Warwick Grace uses O-Matrix to model global solar radiation in Australia. Satellite observations of 117 sites with 1500 observations each are modeled and visualized.
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Computerizing Color Research
The mathematical basis for color vision is linear algebra but color scientists continue to use pre-computer era thinking and techniques. James Worthey, PhD uses O-Matrix to apply modern numerical analysis and visualization techniques to this science.
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Modeling Rhinoplasty Surgeries with O-Matrix
Dr. Andrew Diamond, a head and neck surgeon with SelfClick uses O-Matrix to create new noses for patients. Scanned images of a patient's face are mathematically converted to create a mold for use during surgery.
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Analyzing Local Impact of Home Building
Home building generates income and jobs for local residents, as well as revenue and costs for local governments. Using O-Matrix the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) has developed models to estimate these economic impacts.
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Exploring Bifurcation Diagrams with O-Matrix
Dr. Charles Sadler used O-Matrix to quickly build a GUI-based tool for creating, plotting and experimenting with bifurcation diagrams.
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O-Matrix Development Kit User Stories

Using Eye Diagrams to Investigate Modulation Schemes
Moe Clayton who works for a major aerospace firm uses O-Matrix and the O-Matrix Development Kit for creating analysis tools for he and his colleagues. One of these is an application for creating eye diagrams to evaluate modulation schemes.
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Accelerator Modeling and Simulation with O-Matrix
In the paper, Matlab-like Environment for Accelerator Modeling and Simulation, Dr. Hiroshi Nishimura and colleagues at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, describe TracyM, an O-Matrix based system for accelerator modeling. The system provides programmability, graphing, access to other processes and integration with existing C++ libraries.
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